Active mobility

Marketing Urban Cycling (DTV07)

This course gives a broad overview of the main elements involved in marketing urban bicycling. It discusses the history of marketing bicycling and how this marketing has influenced behaviors. The course also explores the elements of creating a marketing campaign as well as relevant examples from several international cities.
  • Course introduction
  • Block 1: Understanding urban bicycling as a product
  • Introduction Block 1
  • What is urban bicycling?
  • How is urban bicycling a product?
  • Why market urban bicycling?
  • What and when were the first campaigns for the bicycle and bicycling?
  • Test Block 1
  • Block 2: The building blocks of marketing
  • Introduction Block 2
  • What are the building blocks for creating a marketing message?
  • How do we know whom to market to?
  • How do we know what they think about our product?
  • How do we influence the image of our product?
  • Test Block 2
  • Block 3: How marketing influences people's perspectives
  • Introduction Block 3
  • How do we apply positioning?
  • How did the first campaigns position bicycling
  • How can we leave a lasting imprint of our product's image?
  • How has current bicycle marketing impacted perceptions of bicycling?
  • Test Block 3
  • Block 4: Communicating change by understanding the user
  • Introduction Block 4
  • Who is cycling right now and where are they going?
  • Why do people bicycle?
  • What are we measuring?
  • Test Block 4
  • Block 5: Communicating change by appealing to mainstream culture
  • Introduction Block 5
  • What is "mainstream" culture?
  • How does portraying risk influence a campaign?
  • Test Block 5
  • BLOCK 6: Communicating change through emotions
  • Introduction Block 6
  • What is emotional marketing?
  • How do positive emotions impact our behaviors and actions?
  • What do emotions have to do with marketing urban bicycling?
  • Example: How Munich's massive bicycling campaign actually worked
  • Test Block 6
  • Introduction Block 7
  • Summary
  • Apply your knowledge
  • Read more
  • Test Block 7
  • Block 8: final test
  • Introduction Block 8
  • Final Test
  • The End
Completion rules
  • You must complete the test "Final Test"
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: Forever