Zero- and low-emission

Clean Buses for your city (DTV04)

Buses are the backbone of many European public transport systems and an important part of the municipality public transport fleet in the majority of EU Member States. This course provides municipalities, local decision makers and public transport operators with an overview of available bus technologies and guides them in the initial strategic choice of a clean(er) and more efficient energy bus concept.

Enjoy learning!
  • Course introduction
  • Block 1: "Cleaner" choices for a bus: drivers and challenges
  • Introduction block 1
  • Current market situation
  • Local, regional, national and global drivers
  • EU policy framework for clean transport
  • Challenges in introducting the clean buses
  • Test block 1
  • Block 2: Available and most promising bus options
  • Introduction block 2
  • Available and most promising bus options
  • Buses running on fossil fuels
  • Buses running on biofuels
  • Buses running on electricity
  • Buses running on hydrogen
  • Hybrid buses
  • Test block 2
  • Block 3: Comparing bus options: environment
  • Introduction block 3
  • Comparing buses on environmental performance
  • Air quality
  • GHG emissions
  • Noise
  • Test block 3
  • Block 4: Comparing bus options: economics and operations
  • Introduction block 4
  • Comparing buses on economics and operational performance
  • Operational performance
  • Availability of infrastructure
  • Technology maturity
  • Costs
  • Test Block 4
  • Block 5: Taking a decision today for the bus of tomorrow
  • Introduction block 5
  • Outlook in the short term bus technology/market development
  • Outlook in the long term bus technology/market development
  • Taking decisions today for the bus fleet of tomorrow
  • Information dissemination after the scheme has been decided
  • Test Block 5
  • Block 6: Final test
  • Introduction Block 6
  • Final test
  • The End
Completion rules
  • You must complete the test "Final test"
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: Forever