Car Sharing (DTV03)

In order to reduce motorised traffic, people will have to adopt a less car-dependent lifestyle. To manage this shift in mentality and behaviour, cities need to promote new forms of transport use and ownership. Car sharing is one way to reduce motorized traffic and carbon emissions and make a valuable contribution to more sustainable urban mobility. This e-course provides an introduction into the concept of car sharing in a variety of forms as well as experiences of different cities that already have implemented a car sharing scheme.
  • Course introduction
  • Block 1: What is car sharing?
  • What is car sharing?
  • Introduction movie
  • Test Block 1
  • Block 2: Types of car sharing
  • Introduction Block 2
  • Fleet-owned station-based car sharing
  • Fleet-owned free-floating car sharing (one way)
  • Centralised peer-to-peer car sharing
  • Decentralised peer-to-peer car sharing
  • Test Block 2
  • Block 3: State of Car Sharing in Europe
  • Historical and current state (1) history
  • Historical and current state (2) current
  • Forecasts and developments (1) modern car sharing involves technology
  • Forecasts and developments (2) The car sharing future seems bright
  • Test Block 3
  • Block 4: Drivers and strategies for car sharing
  • Introduction Block 4
  • Key stakeholders and partners (1) Stakeholders
  • Key stakeholders and partners (2) Main project partners
  • Impacts and benefits (1) For individuals - companies
  • Impacts and benefits (2) For the public
  • Main drivers for succes
  • Test Block 4
  • Block 5: Implementing car sharing in your city
  • Implementation steps
  • Timeline and investments involved
  • Accompanying measures
  • Test Block 5
  • BLOCK 6: Car sharing examples
  • Bremen (Germany): Doubling shared-car
  • Genoa (Italy): Expanding the car sharing service
  • Bath (United Kingdom): City Car Club
  • WeGo platform in Amsterdam (The Netherlands)
  • Autolib’ electric car sharing service in Paris (France)
  • Block 7: Final test
  • Introduction Block 7
  • Final test
  • The End
Completion rules
  • You must complete the test "Final test"
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: Forever